Sonntag, 6. September 2009

Dazed & Confused - Elephant

To everyone who has not seen one of those movies:

Dazed & confused shows the last day of school before the summer hollidays of several suburbian, U.s. Teenagers in the Mid Seventees.

Elephant shows a couple of days of several suburbian U.s. teenagers in the late 90´s. On the last of these days, 2 boys take their guns and rifles to school and start shooting randomly on students and teachers.

Honestly, I always thought Dazed & confused is a very sensitive view on highschools and the people inside. But I guess that is, because I am a bit starry eyed. The truth is, the view of Dazed & confused might have worked for me, cause my school life was a bit like it. Times have changed I guess. I was lucky I guess. I´m afraid I do not know any longer which one of these movies is more authentic. And I´m even more afraid, that nowadays, it might be Elephant.

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