Sonntag, 4. Juli 2010

Time flows like a river...

.... but history does not always repeat. My favorite quote of all time (Secret of mana) has always been more positive than negative (how it is meant actually) to me. I thought: well, if i did not do something in the first place, there will always be at least a second chance. I had great years here in Urstein. I had fantastic years. Great people, great emotions, great projects, great fun, great moods, great - well, great pretty everything. Sometimes a little bit sad, most of the times, freaking happy and awesome.

So its an atomic bomb to me to realize, this time will not repeat. I caught myself at this very second. I wanted to write: ... will not repeat, for a while. Truth is: it will not repeat. This was it. And even if it does not feel so hard at the moment (maybe I am still drunk of the party 2 days ago), i know - and now comes another funny part, I will end this like the guy of "stand by me" ended his story:

"I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was in Urstein. Jesus, does anybody?”

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Phil Strahl hat gesagt…

somehow that's incredibly sad. it's like already being an old person looking back, always repeating "this was the time of our life" as clumsy wrinkled old fingers hold a cup of hot chocolate. in its steam we recognize faces, events and other dear memories from the past ever changing, transforming into each other. we remember what we thought that july in 2010: "this time won't come back", and it's true. but it's not about what we lost when everyone of us moved on with their lives, it's about what we keep: memories, souvenirs and, most important, friends for life. wherever we may drift on the river of time, we always have somebody drifting along with us. and that's awesome. jot, it's awesome to know you! :)