Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2009

8 hours of train

Vienna is not my city. I know that. But I don´t know why so many people say "it is such a beautiful city" (check out the picture below). Maybe they are talking about how "nice" the city is...and I am talking about the "nett" nice: Es ist so nett dort...nett.... whatever.

I tried it there! God knows I did! But I just dont get it. I dont know why. I guess I keep on trying on.

BUT something pretty funny and nice happened on my way home. Just like a good friend of mine, people seem to enjoy talking to me in trains (what a weird sentence). While I was watching Juno on my Laptop, a little boy and his brother were getting closer carefully, they also wanted to watch it and after a while we were talking. And boy, kids have an intelligence we "grown ups" dont know anymore!! Of all the "wise" words the told me this one is my daily favorite:

"Das Wichtigste gibt´s gibt sehr sehr wichtige Dinge, aber das wichtigste...nein sowas gibts nicht."

A 4 year old kid told me something really really true! How we came to that point? He looked at the yellow note on my laptop keys and asked what it is. I said: i put the most important things there. He did not understand it!


p4 hat gesagt…

"das wichtigste" ist gesundheit, denn ohne der gibts keine anderen wichtigen dinge.

testudo hat gesagt…

hey is das a flakturm, die dinger sind so arg! zwar ein mahnmal aber trotzdem is man einfach fasziniert.
i mag wien seit dem letzten mal