Dienstag, 1. September 2009

You will NOT believe it!!!!

I´m absolutely, super upset! Wo-ho! Ok, I try to calm down and tell you the whole story:

A couple of weeks ago Mr. X and I went to the local supermarked in Puch Urstein. We didn´t expect anything weird to happen, but guess what, it DID happen. I just wanted to pay my bill, as I realized: There are no freakin´ Kinder Überraschung (aka kinder surprise) anyhere! I ased the lady in the shop - she didnt know. Mr x.... didnt know. The internet .... didnt know! So what I thought in the end: The toys of Kinder Überraschung were becoming worse and worse in the last ten years, maybe the people at "Kinder" thought - hell, if we can not make good products anymore, why make them at all. Lets just stop Kinder Überraschung and PISS JÜRGEN OFF LIKE HELL!!!!!!! I swear! That (or something in that direction) I thought at the time.

Ok ...the weeks pass. Today I went schopping to that very supermarked and what I saw blew me away: Kinder Überraschung, right in front of me, just at the shop Exit! I bought 2 - of course - and couldn´t wait to get home! When I opened my Überraschung, I couldnt believe my eyes. The toy.... it was: AWESOME!!!!!! It was better then anything "Überraschunglike" I have seen in the last 10 years. It was a BIG YELLOW DIGGER! A real - looking one. And I DID NOT EVEN PUT THE STICKERS ON IT! My god, can that day get any better!?

My brother will be so jealous!!!

Here they are: the stickers. Fresh and clean! Oh boy!!!

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